Captain And Crew

Captain and Owner.

The gentleman ultimately in charge of your special adventure fishing in Costa Rica is Captain Rick Bergstresser. Rick has been in Costa Rica for 15 years and now splits his time between Costa Rica and his home State of Florida, USA. Captain Rick has over forty years of commercial and recreational sport fishing experience and more than twelve years fishing Costa Rican waters.  A long time big game hunter, fisherman, pilot, surfer and outdoorsman, Captain Rick was featured in the book Great Hunters, Safari Press 1997, for his more than forty years of exploits as an outdoorsman. His love of adventure is contagious and this energy is carried through to the Rhino Charger team. He and his hand selected Rhino Charger team will put you in the right spot to make the most of your time at sea.  Known for his easy-going nature, Captain Rick, along with Captain Maikel (below) will help tailor your excursion to your group.

Captain Maikel – (Pronounced “Michael”).

Captain Maikel is the working captain of the boat and under the clear direction of Captain Rick, Maikel uses his 20+ years of experience to help Rhino Charger clients get the most out of their time on the water here in Costa Rica. He was born and raised in Playa Tamarindo and knows the local waters better than anyone. He speaks excellent English and has an amazing understanding of how and where the fish will be biting! From offshore “big game” fishing, to inshore angling, to bottom fishing for dinner…Mikael and his crew truly love to fish these waters and will ensure that you and your group are in the best possible position to catch fish in and around Tamarindo, CR.


First Mate – Victor Suazo.

Victor has been working as first mate and captain on Tamarindo fishing boats for 20 years. Victor has eyes like a hawk and can spot a sailfish rising better than anyone on the water. His intuition and fishing skills are unsurpassed, and you’ll see his eyes trained on the water for the duration of your trip. He will change the trolling patterns and lures as he and the captain see fit…and is a masterful angler. Victor speaks Engish and he has been with Captain Rick and his team for over 7 years and is an integral part of the Rhino Charger team.