Rhino Charger’s cancellation policy is simple: We are reasonable and rational people! We would rather reschedule you than cancel the trip. However…if your plans change and you cannot make a trip please let us know as soon as possible!

We do provide a 100% refund in case of weather or mechanical difficulties (rare) and are done at the discretion of the captain.

You are responsible to obtain a fishing license. You obtain one by going to the following link: http://www.incopesca.go.cr/carnets/tramites/SolicitudTraducido.aspx. We advise that you take a screenshot as proof of purchase on your mobile device.

On Google Maps or Waze search for “El Chiringuito” in Playa Tamarindo. You’ll meet your captain on the beach in front of the adjacent parking lot at 7:15am or at the time you discuss directly with the Captain.

From the Liberia Airport.

The road has excellent signposts leading the way to Tamarindo. Exit the Liberia airport and turn right. Continue straight for about twenty-five minutes, passing through the town of Filadelfia after about 15 minutes, until you come to the town of Belen. In Belen you will turn right before the gas station on the corner. After turning right at Belen, you will pass through the towns of Santa Ana and after approximately 22Km from Belen you will enter the town of Huacas. At the only major junction in Huacas you will make a left turn towards Tamarindo. Continue straight for ten minutes until you reach the town of Villa Real. At Villa Real, turn right towards Tamarindo (an almost 90 degree switchback). Drive about five Km until you enter Tamarindo.

From the San Jose Airport.

Take the Inter-Americana (Highway 1) north in the direction of San Ramon and Puntarenas. Continue on this road past Puntarenas until you get to a junction at Juntas. Take a left turn at the junction (Shell station on your left hand side) in the direction of the Puente de la Amistad / Friendship Bridge/ Tempisque Bridge (All are synonyms), which crosses the Gulf of Nicoya. Once you have crossed the Gulf of Nicoya over the Puente de Amistad/Tempisque Bridge, continue until you reach a T in the road. At the T, turn right and follow the signs leading you to the town of Nicoya. When you reach Nicoya, continue straight (you need to take a left at the traffic light to enter the town of Nicoya) toward the town of Santa Cruz. As you leave Santa Cruz, still on the same road, you will pass a bridge. Turn left at the first road signs pointing to Tamarindo, immediately after crossing the bridge when leaving Santa Cruz. Follow this road for about 30 Km. You will eventually end up in the small town of Villa Real. At Villa Real follow the
 signs toward Playa Tamarindo (a left turn). Within 5 Km you will arrive in Tamarindo.

Tipping is both customary and expected aboard all fishing charters. Captain Maikel and his crew work very hard to ensure the best experience possible! Please note that the “standard” gratuity in the charter industry is 10-15% of the charter price.

We recommend full day when fishing for Bill Fish.

Fishing Licenses:

Charter pricing is as follows:

  • 1/2 day – $900
  • 3/4 day – $1100
  • Full day – $1300

Above rates do not include the standard and customary 10% to 15% gratuity.

  • Sunblock (30+ SPF)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera: to capture that trophy fish photo

No we do not split charters.  We cater to your group and your group alone.  We have found splitting charters can result in disparate anglers with different goals for their trip.  When you book with us, you receive our full dedication to provide you a fun and memorable fishing adventure.  We can only achieve this if we have one client and can make you our priority.

We are one of the few boats in the Tamarindo fleet with three crew members and probably the only boat with two English speaking crew members. 

Yes, we do for bill fish.  The catch and release method will preserve these beautiful sea creatures for years to come thus keeping the fishing in Tamarindo plentiful for future generations. As for the other great eating species you may catch (Tuna, Mahi Mahi, etc.), you may keep what you catch.  Many of our clients bring their catch to a local restaurant and have it transformed into a delicious seafood dinner.

Yes, we are happy to help you with your travel arrangements.  Contact us for advice or to help you book your trip.